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Our Concept

Overview of the project

STORC is a new generation of crowdsourcing project built around converting ground heat to electricity. The sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow, but our Earth keeps its temperature 24/7.  In addition to the most innovative geothermal technology, the project also incorporates the latest in blockchain-based token technology: the “premium token.” So how does the STORC token work? If your participation results in Greenstorc creating a new source of clean energy, then you will receive the equivalent of €0.01 (1 eurocent) in DasCoin every quarter that the energy source is operational, rain or shine, for every STORC token you hold. On top of that, for every new MegaWatt of production capacity that is installed by Greenstorc, you will receive a one-time extra premium of €0.01 (1 eurocent) in Dascoin for each STORC token held in your digital wallet. It’s simple and transparent: a clear goal and a clear reward when it’s achieved.

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Greenstorc Launches on Das33

Greenstorc is proud to announce that it will be the very first project featured on Das33 — an innovative ICO crowdsourcing platform that uses blockchain technology to deliver tokenized smart contracts. Das33 has designed a process that evaluates projects from all over the world in order to present only the most promising opportunities to its global community. Das33 represents an ideal way for entrepreneurs to realize their business goals, and deliver rewards to those who participate in their growth stories.

In return for supporting our project on Das33, participants will receive “premium tokens” that are issued by the chain authority on the DasCoin Blockchain. This new type of token represents a smart contract that rewards a premium to the token holder based on the achievement of a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) — in our case, the KPI is a megawatt of power production.

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Team of experts


Johannes Bergsch

Chairman & Inventor

Paul Flynn

Chief Executive Officer

Grahame Newton

Advisory Board Chairman

Ryan Lanham

Advisor to the Board

Dr Rolf Schiffer

Geothermal Project Director

Barnim von den Steinen

Legal Counsel


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